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NOW HIRING: Parish Administrator

Grace Episcopal Church is seeking a 10-hour a week Parish Administrator. We are looking for someone friendly, self-motivated, and organized who works comfortably with MS Office, Google Drive, and database management systems. Duties include: working with the priest to produce a weekly bulletin, sending out a weekly parish email, scheduling service participants, answering the phone and returning messages, managing the church member database and membership records, maintaining the church calendar and other office management duties. Hours are flexible.  Pay is $10 per hour.


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To the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this application is complete and accurate. I understand that providing false information is grounds for not hiring me or for my discharge if I have already been hired or chosen. I authorize any person or organization, whether or not identified in this application, to provide any information concerning my previous employment, education, credit history, driving record, criminal conviction record, sexual offender registry or other qualifications for my employment or volunteering. I also authorize Grace Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Iowa to request and receive such information. If hired or chosen, I agree to be bound by Diocese of Iowa policies and procedures, including but not limited to its Policies for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation of Adults and Code of Conduct for Persons Having Pastoral Relationships. I understand that these may be changed, withdrawn, added to or interpreted at any time at the Diocese of Iowa’s sole discretion and without prior notice to me. I also understand that my employment or volunteering may be terminated, or any offer or acceptance of employment or volunteering withdrawn, at any time, with or without cause, and with or without prior notice at the option of Grace Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Iowa, or myself. Nothing contained in this application or in any pre-employment communication is intended to or creates a contract between myself and Grace Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Iowa for employment or the providing of any benefit. I have read and understand the above provisions.
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